About our company

Great taste since 1950: The European taste-maker

Struik Foods stands for tasty soups, hot dogs and meals, just like you would make at home. And this skill for making food goes back to 1950! With Struik products you can quickly and easily put a delicious meal on the table for the whole family. Beyond that, you can use our products as ingredients to prepare a tasty snack or convenient meal solution on the go.

Struik Foods is a business with various strong brands, such as Sonnen Bassermann in Germany, Ye Olde Oak and Bunlimited in the United Kingdom and Struik in the Netherlands. We stand for quality, convenience, taste and safe food production. Our production processes are certified by the most important international institutions, including the British Retail Consortium (BRC), International Food Standard (IFS) and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

The largest kitchen

Our talented and enthusiastic employees are always looking for ways to make our products better, more eco-friendly and tastier. With our certified chefs and the latest technology, we make the best soups, hot dogs and meals to match changing tastes and flavours. That is why we call our company ‘One of the greatest kitchens in the world’.

The heart of food knowledge

Our head office and innovation center are located in the Veluwe (Voorthuizen, the Netherlands). Voorthuizen is not only a place where we feel very much at home, it is also the heart of ‘the Food Valley’; a Dutch region that is internationally known for the unique combination of agriculture, food, knowledge, research and innovation (in collaboration with Wageningen University). That way we are always close to the newest research techniques.

Prepared with love

All our products have one thing in common: they are made with love and passion. No product leaves our kitchen without us having tested and tested it extensively. You can always count on the same high quality. That is why we are a welcome guest in almost every kitchen.


At Struik we believe sustainability is very important. It is therefore only logical for us that we take the environment into account with everything we do. We therefore produce our products with respect for people, animals and the environment. Because let’s face it, that makes the soup much better, more responsible and tastier!

Points of attention

Together with our customers, we believe that sustainability really fits Struik’s character. You can therefore expect that sustainability always takes an important place when decisions have to be made. Here at Struik we are very alert to the safety of our employees, the quality and safety of our products, the sorting and processing of waste and the efficient use of energy and water. We therefore have our own water extraction and purification system.

Our history

Since Bernardus Struik founded our family business in 1950, we have been the taste-maker of Europe. Whether you choose our soups, hot dogs or meals, you can always count on the same quality. That is why we have been a welcome guest in almost every kitchen for more than half a century.

  1. 1950

    Bernardus Struik opens the doors of his Struik factory in Voorthuizen. He starts selling vegetables and strawberries in glass jars.

  2. 1952

    First sale Struik soup.

  3. 1965

    Bernardus Struik transfers the management of the company, which then has a turnover of 5 million guilders, to his son Hans Struik (24 years old).

  4. 1984

    Take-over of Ye Olde Oak Foods Ltd. England (Rowland Smith & Son London).

  5. 2001

    Struik opened the Food Safety and Innovation Center in Voorthuizen in 2001. All new Struik products are developed here.

  6. 2007

    Ye Olde Oak Foods opens new sales office in Sheffield (England).

  7. 2008

    Hans Struik is elected Food Manager of the Year 2008.

  8. 2009

    In the context of corporate social responsibility, Struik Foods Europe takes over the land and farm located next to the head office. Bio Farm Bleekenstein becomes an organic meat farm with cattle from the special traditional Dutch breed of Blaarkoppen.

  9. 2011

    Ye Olde Oak Foods opens its new sales office in Halifax (United Kingdom).

  10. 2012

    Takeover of Sonnen Bassermann in Germany from HJ Heinz.

  11. 2018

    Sales begin of the Bunlimited brand (United Kingdom).

We at Struik remain just as ambitious as in recent years. We want to continue to grow without losing our family character. That is why we are working hard on the international expansion of our strong premium brands and private label products, which we manufacture for Europe’s leading retailers. In addition, we continue to build on our expertise, our image and the satisfaction of our customers. In this way we can also be a reliable and innovative partner in the future. Today we are working on the wishes of tomorrow!